Hafis & Dita Little Family


Hafis has welcomed the first member of his new family, Dita, as her lifetime and afterlife partner. Currently, they live in a peaceful suburban town Machida, in Tokyo. Hafis is working towards his Ph.D degree and Dita is working her expertise as a full-time housewife and part-time writer and adventurer!

Wish us blessings!



Hafis Pratama Rendra Graha

He always thought that women was another species that was very foreign, until he found this strangely-similar creature named Dita… that’s when this Wonogiri boy decided that maybe she’s the one he can understand. Find his perspective on his Instagram account here.


Ria Ayu Pramudita

She always thinks that if life is a game, then marriage is a whole new level with unimaginable challenges and excitement. This Malang-born girl had always been feeling lonely until someone named Hafis extended his hand to venture to this new endeavor, together. Find her trying to find herself in her website and Instagram account.

The Story

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