Giving Birth in Japan

Hello, everyone. This is Dita the wife again.

I have a very good news to you all. My baby boy Ali has born! (Eventually, he was named Ali anyway.) Alhamdulillaah, he was normally delivered although a little ahead of the common time. I have a story on that that I want to share as well.

It was an ordinary day where I went to school and ate lunch with my husband. I went to the toilet and found out that I had some vaginal discharge mixed with a thin blood. I remembered the doctor said that if I found anything strange with my vaginal discharge, especially when it involves blood, I should call the hospital immediately to take an examination.

So I went to the hospital with my husband who urged me so ❤ and the doctor said that my water has leaked (a little bit). I overheard her talking with the other nurses (“bimyo da naa” lit. hmm it’s a bit unclear…) and then suddenly she said that I have to be admitted to the hospital right away.

My husband and I were startled because we thought we still have a few weeks left to prepare for the delivery (including the hospital admission) so my husband was so much in hurry preparing things because they didn’t let me go out of the hospital to help my husband preparation.

Information: Preparation for Hospital Admission for Giving Birth


So I was sent to a “contraction room” where there was already a pregnant lady so much in pain because she is already entering her contraction period (maybe 60% ready to give a birth). I was startled and scared because (1) I didn’t feel any pain close to the pain that is seemingly felt by that mother and (2) I wonder I will be like her as well.

Induced Labor


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