Machida Winter 2018

It is said that this year, winter has its heaviest snow since 2014. I don’t know what 2014 winter looked like, but this year the snow was indeed very heavy. Very heavy that it coated the everything with icing sugar they turned into temporary vanilla cakes. Trains decreased their schedule (due to fear of break failure, which is said to have happened before), buses and trucks put chains to their tires, public worker were busy putting salts to main roads…

…and children screamed in joy. Snowmen were found in random places, even I found one igloo (kamakura) in front of a house once.

I (Dita) experienced this snow alone as Hafis experienced another heavy snow in another part of the world due to his internship. I took the photos mainly to show him how much snow is was, very different from the town he knows. As for his own experiment of heavy snow, maybe later I’ll be able to persuade him share his photos as well.

Before the heavy snow on January 22-23, there was barely a view of winter in Machida aside from the chill wind and the bald trees. Baldness wasn’t even applied to all of the trees, because apparently some of them are evergreen. The slightest sign of winter might be the ice crystals on the ground on a particularly cold morning (it disappeared during the day).

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ice crystals on the ground..

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But in the morning of January 22, I was accompanied by snow during my trip to the laboratory (yeay!) but then as the day progressed, the campus turned slowly into my version of Narnia (please forgive me for the expression, I am a girl born and grew up in a tropical country).

I was told to go home as soon as possible because snow can be very slippery and there was a big chance of me falling. Falling is something I cannot afford right now because I am pregnant, so I went home at around 3 PM. Fortunately during the snow, the temperature was quite warm… but yeah.. the road was indeed slippery and my speed of walking might be similar to those of snails.

The next day, which came without a noisy storm whatsoever, welcomed me with the snow icing on everything, including the stairs in front of my apartment and the whole road to the bus stop. Some people were scooping snow in front of their house and everything was so unbelievably white.

Good news was the bus was still running, but the bad news was it didn’t run until the final destination: a station near my campus. So I spent about an hour walking and taking pictures, trying to convince my husband that there was A BIG UNUSUAL SNOW in Machida that day.

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freeze the memory before it melts tomorrow

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Now I couldn’t enjoy the snow so much as I have to protect Ali in my belly, but if the snow comes again next winter someday, I will definitely play on them and together with Ali and his father, build snowmen and kamakuras!

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