Autumn 2017 and Trip to Kamakura

Autumn is my (Dita’s) second favorite season after spring, so I was excited to meet autumn again after 2 years!

I was very grateful and I wouldn’t miss this opportunity to catch the momiji as much as I can… and some selfies doesn’t hurt, right? (Some of the picture that includes both of Hafis and I were captured by the talented brother of Hafis, Rheza. Unfortunately he didn’t come in any frame………)

When a national holiday came on November 23, we went to Kamakura to enjoy the momiji as well. Unfortunately it was rainy in the morning so we only managed to spend a half day there… but yeah, we hope we will have next time with Ali!

Daibutsu in Koutokuin

We were only able to come to Koutoku-in where there is a very large (bronze) Daibutsu (Buddha’s statue) sitting outdoor with the background of the sky. We went there riding train to Fujisawa Station and then ride a bus from the South Exit directly to the front of the temple (Daibutsu-mae bus stop). The final destination of the bus is Kamakura Station (East Exit).

We took several pictures as well (pardon our selfies). My husband was very happy when the dusk came, they lit the light for the Daibutsu. It was several minutes before the temple was officially closed for the day.

Maruyaki Tako Senbei (Hase Branch)

After that, we managed to go to an original Tako Senbei store, where they press a real tako (octopus) into a thin large slice of cracker that tastes very good!!!

Kebab Kamakura (Halal)

If we were hungry, we would go eat to Kebab Kamakura (halal) as my husband said that they makes delicious kebab and soft ice cream as well, but I didn’t feel really hungry, so we passed this time.


Kamakura Mame-ya

We also came to a small shop who sells various nuts (mame) with a lot of flavors named Mame-ya (you can check the ingredients in the website)…. reminiscing me of Bertie Bott’s in Harry Potter. We ate a lot of free samples which are very delicious! We didn’t buy any (keep the budget) but we hope this link will help the anyone interested to come there and at least taste the mame… they were superb.

Then we decided to walk to the ocean to take a fresh breeze from sea and we arrived shortly to Yuigahama Beach. Unfortunately the day had turned dark at that time and the wave was very strong, so we decided to go home by Enoden train (from Yuigahama Station).

Enoden Train

Although short, it was a very pleasant vacation! Thanks, Husband! ❤

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