Pregnancy Nutrients

Hello everyone!

I am writing this post for the first time after I learned that I am pregnant! Alhamdulillaah… this is one of the sweet moment that I’ve been waiting forever, but besides a good relief and joy, the biggest emotion that occupies me right now is ‘I should be responsible’.  I just don’t want to be a bad mother by not giving a good treatment to my unborn baby.

The baby (whom we call ‘Dedek’ for temporary name right now) has been very nice since the beginning. The size now would be around the size of a single grape, but Dedek doesn’t do anything annoying. No nausea, no food cravings. I do become hesitant to eat certain foods (unfortunately, rice and broth-y meat cuisine) but I cannot blame Dedek, actually. It might be just me. If I push myself, I can feel I can still accept it. Just hesitant. Very, very much hesitant.

That’s why I ate less for the past week.. or two weeks maybe. And I feel guilty because with my current BMI that is already underweight, avoiding eating can be fatal (na’udzubillaahi min dzaalik!). So yeah, I want to change my habit from now and hoping it is not too late.

Small note on Body Mass Index (BMI) during pregnancy

BMI (kg/m2) = body weight (kg) : body height (m) : body height (m)

If your BMI is less than 18.5 (underweight), you should gain 9-12 kg during your pregnancy with the average rate of 0.3-05 kg/week. The same rate applies for normal BMI (18.5-25.0). When your BMI is above 25, you’re considered overweight and recommended to gain just around 5 kg for safety during your pregnancy.

I got above information from the City Office here in Japan (in a handbook named 母子健康手帳 副読本 meaning Mother and Child Health Notebook, Supplementary Reading) when I reported that I am pregnant. The book is very helpful… I guess.. if only I understand enough Japanese.

There is some interesting tables in the handbook, the one about the recommended daily food intake and the example of every meal composition. I tried my best to translate and below is the result. Personally, I think it is quite a lot and ideal (unlike reality, in which I think I never have such a hearty meal for quite a long time… last time would be when I ate in a really good restaurant).

Nutrients for Pregnancy
Recommended daily food intake for (normal) pregnant women
Nutrients for Pregnancy 2
Example of food composition for every meal

However, I would try my best to follow the guide. By also reading some material from here and here, I noted that I should have plenty supply of fortified cereals (for grains), spinach (for veggies), salmon (for protein), milk & yogurt (for milk), and avocado/apple/banana (for fruit). From a friend’s suggestion, I also take supplement of folic acid (葉酸 in Japanese) on a side and thinking to get some iron supplement as well.

Hope that Dedek will grow healthy, spirited, and become a really sweet person! ❤

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