Masjid Indonesia in Tokyo (MIT)

When Muslims go to other country where Islam is not a major religion, usually they go to Turkish or Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan masjids to pray. I don’t know the reason why, it just seems that Turkish and Bangladeshi people have traveled to every corner of the world (maybe behind Chinese but most of Chinese are not Muslim so they didn’t built any masjid that I know) and succeeded to establish a masjid and its community. I found them in Korea and in Japan. Usually a masjid will come with a school or a cultural center (Turkish style) or foreign markets (Indian/Bangladeshi/Sri Lankan style).

But I have never known any Indonesian masjid outside Indonesia and this is my first time of stepping my feet into one.

They named it Masjid Indonesia in Tokyo. I suppose they named it that way because they want the abbreviation to be MIT (somebody in the committee might have some romantic dream with MIT or it’s just me).

Female Prayer Space
Female Wudu (Ablution) Place

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The location of the masjid is next to Sekolah Republik Indonesia in Tokyo.


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