Sakura Hunting 2017

Alhamdulillah I arrived in Japan in the perfect time when the spring has just begun to kick in. Reportedly, this year’s spring was different, where the sakura didn’t bloom according to the expected schedule. The weather was weird, one time it got warmer and sakura got bloomed a little bit, but several days after were just plain cold. Warmer days followed, but not that long cold days came again. It made the sakura in most of places didn’t bloom uniformly…

Naturally, as the spring is coming, the average temperature of the day gets warmer. Sakura flowers, in turn, take the increasing temperature as the sign to bloom. Therefore, sakura needs a steady increase in temperature to bloom beautifully. After a shower of rain that occasionally happens in spring, the flower petals will fall and green leaves will start to leaf out. However, due to the weirdness in the weather (climate change?), things were a little bit different. During this year hunt, sometimes I found sakura that hadn’t fully bloomed in the branch that had already green leaves in there…. weird.

However, no matter how weird the spring is, it is still spring! And sakura! That spells out ‘beautiful’! πŸ™‚

All in all, I should say that the sakura bloom in my neighborhood was the best (Onda River, Sakai River, and Minamitsukushino), because we was able to witness their best share of cherry blossom this year. Moreover, we could enjoy the blossom quietly. Chidorigafuchi Park, Ueno Park, and Meguro River are surely beautiful…. but there were just too many people….. and wrong timing.

See you again, then!

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